Where to buy such kind of mud flap? (go into topic)

Where to buy such kind of mud flap? I have search in eBay, but can't find what on photo. If somebody have information from where I can buy it, please, inform me.

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Those are Vw original if you got 235 or wider tyres because the tyres are "out the range" fron the car. They are not any kind of mud flaps..

Thank you for answer. And what are they role?

They role are just to do the car "wider" if you got wide tyres (235 or more).. If the tyres are 235 or wider the tires are outside of the fenders, like this: They role are a extra fender to hide the tyre.. can I say that? Damn, its hard to explain in english

But there have moment with offset. If you choose right offset, wheels are not goes outside. My tyres are 245/35/R19. Original offset of my car is ET33. My 19" wheels offset is 40, that's why wheels goes inside. If wheels offset is more than original, wheels goes inside, if less of original, then it goes outside. On my car front wheels lil bit goes outside, but back side is normal. Fender translates from English as automobile term as mud flap. I understand you. Some time it's difficult to explain your mind in foreign language. I called them mud flap, because in my hometown the guy but small piece of plastic as mud flap. When raining and car is going, this piece of plastic forward water to underside like mud flap. I guess it based by my knowledge about physics. May be I have mistake.

So, nwho can inform me where can I buy this things which is on photo?

At your local VW dealership.

Thar are often fitting on cars that have the R-Line kit and Golf R

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